All of our honey is 100% PURE natural and unprocessed! It comes straight from the bees on my land in Jonesboro, Georgia.

Our Honey variety is wildflower.
No pesticides of any kind are used ... ever!! Our bees are never "medicated" with herbicides or pesticides.
We take pride in the fact that our honey is from our land that God gave us. We're sorry, but when we are out, we are out. We really appreciate your business and your support for all of the Bees in the world!!

Our honey is RAW never heated or pasteurized. We extract our honey with minimal straining, never applying heat so as to preserve all the natural enzymes and anti-microbial properties. When you taste our honey, you will know it is natural and not from the grocery store!

I started  with one hive and today I have many hives. I believe that Honey bees are a gift from God. Part of taking care of the earth that God has given us is taking care of the creatures that inhabit it. Honey bees are the only insect that makes food for us. Honey bees are responsible for about 80% of all fruit, vegetable and seed crops in the U.S. Every third bite of food we eat exists because a bee pollinated a plant. Without the honey bee, we will suffer.

We attended and competed at the Henry County beekeepers club honey show contest on September 9th 2014. Buster won first place in all three extracted honey categories. This included light, medium and dark entries and he also won best of show for the year 2014. 

Henry County beekeepers club honey show contest 2014. Buster won first place in all three honey categories.
full frame of Honey
Buster cutting the capping off
cutting off capping

The word "Honey" is found in 56 Bible verses. "My son, eat thou honey, because it is good; and the honeycomb, which is sweet to thy taste." Proverbs 24:13